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HMR Location Map & Directional Instructions




Leave the M4 at Jct 42 onto the A483, this runs along the Jersey Marine Road , taking you past the Entrances to Swansea Docks onto the Bridge over the River Tawe, almost immediately you will see, on your LH Side a Large Sainsbury Store.  Continue on past this to a Set of Traffic Lights (you are now on the A 4067).  Keeping in the
LH Lane past a large Tesco Store on your RH Side, to more Traffic Lights, continue straight on ( the sea is on your LH Side all along A 4067), more TrafficLights, on your RH Side there will be the Glamorgan County Cricket Ground,  past (LH Side) War Memorial and the old LNWR  Girder Bridge LH Side,  (recently renovated) on the Seaside Walk.  A little further on the road has turning to the Right, this leads to Swansea University, ignore this and continue on.

Shortly after the road divides into 4 lanes, 2 will go Right to Swansea Hospital and 2 Straight on, heading towards Mumbles, continue on these, still with the sea on your LH Side.  After some 1/4 mile move over the the RH Lane (30mph Speed Limit) - look for the B4436 at a Part Time Traffic Control Set of Signals, this leads to Clyne Common and the Villages of Murton & then Bishopston, continue on,  this will lead you past a garage on your RH Side, followed by a 30mph speed activated signal.  Almost immediately you will commence to run downhill, you are looking for the 2nd L H  turning - onto a road marked to 'Bishopston', this is almost at the bottom of the hill and is  'Bishopston Road', take the turning slowly as the road narrows quickly.  This climbs up to a Road Hump - go over this very slowly over the acute hump, continue on past the School Entrance,  the two Public Houses  and the 'Spar' Store.  Some 100/150 yards on the RH Side is 'Holt Model Railways' Shop.  The building is two Storey, grey rough granite stone, with a balcony on the shop front where the Car Park is.  If this is occupied parking can be be made on either side of the road, there are no Restrictions.  Speed limit through the village is 20mph, until just before HMR.


Come off the M4 at Jct 45  taking the  RH route and join the A4067 heading towards SWANSE
A.  This route will take you under the main Rail Track London - Swansea route past the New Sports Centre  - follow onto the A 4217 bringing you into 'St Thomas'  take the road leading to the Right onto Bridge over the R Tawe, move into the LH Lane towards a further set of Traffic Lights.  Turn Left at the Traffic Lights, on your Left will be a Memorial to the Anti Aircraft Defence of Swansea in the 1939/45 War, it being an anti-aircraft gun pointing skywards. Turn 1/2 Right at these lights and you will be passing the Sainsbury Store referred to above in Line 2 of 'Coming From the East'.

From there on use the first set of guide instructions.

Should you have any problems telephone 01792 232264.

We look forward to seeing you and hope these instruction have been of assistance

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